About us




I run Agility since I was 7/8 years old and until now it fills my life with passion and happiness.

My first dog was a Border Collie named 'Joke'. He taught me the basics and was a perfect starter dog! Through him I caught fire. He taught me how to learn and understand. Joke, you gave my life a passion. Thank you so much, buddy! I will never ever ever forget you!

When he got old my little princess (Peach) stumbled into the family. This little Sheltie was a lot of work. She neither had self-confidence nor speed or fun in Agility. During competitions she run of the course and tried to hide. That broke my heart and I was about to quit.

When we stopped competing in competitions  there were some good people starting to wonder what happended. They brought us back to agility-live. 
I had to learn to ignore peoples rumors and try to have fun again with little Peach. It needed a lot of patience, tears, setbacks and overcoming. But time by time we got rewarded. I tried so much in Training and at home to give her confidence and faith. That was a pretty hard time but competition by competition we overcame.

It took years but I would have missed so much, if I had stopped trying. Now I am more than just proud of her. She made an amazing transformation. Today  she can be a beast on course. Full of energy and power. Also she gained a lot of speed. (OK, still not the fastest sheltie but no comparison to her old self). 
Together we became German Junior Champions, Vize-Bundessieger, Landessieger, won some smaller titles, went to European Open and all the WC-Qualifications.
Through Peach I learned to believe in her and in myself, to always stand up, keep on going and fight rumors. And that you can even change a princess into a soldier! She really taught me one big thing: 

Never ever give up! On you or on your dog!   Thank you little princess!


And now Link whirls up my days. This Border is full of energy, joy and insanity. I was waiting a long time for this dog. I always wanted such a crazy, happy, speedy dog. She is motivated every second and wants to play or work. Fooling around the whole day. Everything is fun with Link. 
With her I had to learn new things. We both had to learn how to control her speed. So new lessons for me!  
Link taught me to laugh at myself and that you can have fun even on bad days. Thank you crazy whirlwind!

Every dog is different and every individual dog will teach you different lessons. I still have a lot to learn and I guess I will never be done with that.

I am excited for the future, what's next! 

Big hugs fom Joke, Peach, Link and me,