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Pieps is the princess of our pack. 

The whole day she lies on as much pillows as she can find and enjoys the day. Well, a little couchpotato.
Peach is a real love-and-cuddle-me-dog.


She was work.
At the beginning of her Agility-career she was very unmotivated. No speed, no self-confidence and no joy. At competitions she also left me alone on the course. People began talking, I would beat her and things like that. That was heartbreaking  and I came to the point I thought about quitting.
When we stopped competing in competitions  there were some good people starting to wonder what happended. They brought us back to agility-live. 
I had to learn to ignore people's rumors and try to have fun again with little Peach. It needed a lot of patience, tears, setbacks and overcoming. But time by time we got rewarded. I tried so much in Training and at home to give her confidence and faith. That was a pretty hard time but competition by competition we overcame those hard times


It took years but I would have missed so much, if I had stopped trying. Now I am more than proud of her. She has come through an amazing transformation. Today, she is a beast on course. Full of energy and power. Furthermore, she gained a lot of speed. (OK, still not the fastest sheltie but no comparison to her old self). 

Together we became German Junior Champions, Vize-Bundessieger, Landessieger, won some smaller titles, went to European Open and all the WC-Qualifications.
Through Peach I learned to believe in her and in myself and to keep on going and fighting rumors. And also that you can even transform a princess into a soldier!




She really taught me one big thing:          Never give up!



Thank you little princess!